Virus Removal

Malware (short for “malicious software”) is any program or file that is harmful to a computer. This includes “Trojans”, “Root Kit”, “Worms”, “Ransom-ware”, “Browser Hijacks”, and others. Here at 911 Tech Support, we’ve seen (and cleaned) them all. While many computer repair facilities use the “Nuke & Pave” method (hard drive format (erase) and re-install Operating System), this is NOT our standard operating procedure. At all costs, we will prioritize keeping your data safe and intact while performing a manual virus removal. This is effective in about 95% of the time. All your installed programs and data is kept intact and only the malware infections are removed.

On occasion, due to serious Windows corruptions, we will need to do a full system format & restore. We will always backup your personal data (pictures, documents, Outlook settings, bookmarks, etc) prior to the format. Unfortunately, in this instance, any third party programs and external hardware such as printers, will need to be re-installed by your disks.

Certain virus infections (namely encryption “Ransomware” types such as “Cryptolocker” and it’s variants) can cause all your data to be lost. Without a prior backup of your data, unfortunately, the only help we can give would be a complete format and operating system reload.

Typically, our virus removal service (which includes a full system tune up/optimization) is a next-day service and costs $100. If your computer requires a hard drive wipe and Windows re-install with data backup/restore, our fee is $150 and typically takes two days. If Windows starts up (even if it’s very slow) and your data is intact, more than likely you are looking at the $100 service.

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